About Us

Yardley Lo is all about helping you take control of your business.

Today's businesses expect more than just a "number pusher" from their accountant.

At Yardley/Lo we are progressive forward thinkers, we focus on forming quality relationships and providing valuable accounting and advisory services to our clients.

We achieve this through gathering reliable financial information, reporting & analysing the data and turning it into a powerful tool to drive your business forward and unlock its potential. 

We play on your team, and our position is the financially minded member who provides innovative solutions, enabling you to make informed decisions.

Would you like to know how how much potential your business has? Then take a look at our 3 tier service menu and choose whats right for you.

Our Team

Hayden Yardley CA


Hayden is a full Chartered Accountant with 10 years experience working with SME businesses and farmers. 

Hayden enjoys building personal trusting relationships with his customers and acts in a business support role. He often gets told he's not your typical accountant by nature.

Hayden is from a farming background and he takes a broad view to his accountancy role and will challenge the way you think about your business. Hayden holds specific interests in agribusiness and has practical experience in both sheep and dairy farming. This has lead him to develop the Farm Plus framework in combination with his father Dave Yardley. For your business to succeed it is important to have a strong foundation of business support services. This is Hayden's role and he always keeps one eye on the end results of your business, constantly reviewing your business model and objectives and ensuring smart business decisions are being made. 

Hayden engages clients on a number of levels including business planning and development, business strategy, business structuring, long term tax planning and software support solutions. Hayden brings his enthusiasm and proven business acumen to all business projects, so for business advice with a trusted and honest professional give Hayden a call to discuss your business needs.

Mobile 0212442288



Alex Lo CA


Alex is a Chartered Accountant and has been working in public practice for 17 years. Alex enjoys taking up opportunities to help our customers to overcome their business challenges. A master of taxation and annual compliance but helping businesses to overcome their cash flow issues and achieving their business goals is really where he gets his job satifsaction from.

Alex has been involved in various accounting engagements with our customers these include business structuring, succession & transition planning, and also business valuations. Customers hold Alex in high esteem for his ability to assist them to resolve problems with innovative solutions and sound advice and his high degree of technical knowledge.

Always interested in the development in new technology, he is very keen in new software, computer systems and accounting systems. In the past 10 years, he has adopted new technology to help improve efficiency in our practice. He has also recommended this to a lot of our customers to assist them in their business. Alex has a very approachable nature so for accounting with a personal touch give him call.

Alex is looking forward to working with many new chinese clients as he develops a ongoing business relationship with Wayne Chin. 


Phone 03 466 5078


Neil McDonald

Accountant / Consultant

Neil started his own accounting practice in 1994 after many years in the motor trade industry and also was the company accountant for a large vehicle dealership and real estate company. In 2007 Neil merged his business with Yardley Lo & Associates Limited and then joined the practice working from our office since. Neil caters for a number of high profile customers and has a special interest in property taxation and investment. Neil also has vast experience in company law and business structuring and has helped numerous customers develop detailed shareholder agreements and resoultions.

With Neil being part of the Yardley Lo and Associates team we have the added benefit of of his huge amount of experience, he is a real asset to our team, we are lucky to be able to draw on his extensive knowledge and experience which he is always willing to share.



Wayne Chin CA


Wayne joined Yardley Lo in March 2013 after 25 years of running his own accounting practice. The intention is for Wayne to work closely with Alex and the compliance team to offer timely services to his many Chinese clients. Wayne is reducing his hours to 2 - 3 days a week for the coming year, as he merges his practice into Yardley Lo systems and management.

Wayne's Direct Dial is 03 466 5088 

Brian Hailes CA


Brian ran his own accounting business for over 25 years working from home with his wife Jane. Brian and Hayden met and the decision was made to merge the practices to allow Yardley Lo to assist Brian handle his work load and work towards eventual retirement. Brian and Hayden now spend a day a week on the road visiting many of Brians long standing clients.

Brian is still hands on with the business and is acting as a consultant and also helping with client reviews.

Dave Yardley

Farming Consultant

Dave has worked as a farm consultant for over 15 years, he has also overseen numerous dairy conversions. Previous occupations also include a being a farm supervisor for International Dairy Company Tasman Agriculture Ltd. Dave also farmed in West Otago owning a large scale sheep and beef farm for 20 years.

Dave's skills are in the farming operations, and also pasture and stock management. This knowledge combined with his understanding of the financial performance and how farming operations impact the overall economic farm surplus makes his input and advice to clients of considerable value.

Dave joined Yardley Lo and Associates to co head the Farm Plus service framework in 2012 with son Hayden Yardley. Linking practical farming ideas and processes with key financial components is the key to Dave's services. We then tie this into Yardley Lo & Associates accountancy services ensuring our Farm Plus services covers all farming issues in a one stop scenario.

He understands every aspect of farming and seeks to use his knowledge in helping farms lift their farm performance and economic positions.


Trudy Syme CA

Senior Accountant

Trudy recently joined Yardley Lo and Associates and is very excited to be returning to public practice at a time when the practice is growing exponentially.  She is a chartered accountant with over 20 years experience. Trudy has been in public practice for the majority of her working life, including 6 years in Edinburgh. She also has worked in manufacturing as a Management & Financial Accountant for 6 years followed by 2 years working in the healthcare sector as a Corporate Services Manager. Both roles provided invaluable industry experience developing and broadening my skill set.

Yardley Lo is delighted Trudy has joined our team in a senior position. Trudy is looking to develop her own client base with us and will be looking after our tax management area. We see Trudys life and business experience taking her along way in public practice.

Please feel free to contact Trudy if she can be of assistance to your business.

Sapphira Friend ACA

Associate Accountant

Sapphira is a University of Otago graduate, with a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting. Since graduating she has gained valuable accounting experience working for a Wanaka based accounting firm for two years and has also spent time travelling and working overseas.

Sapphira assists the team with the preparation of annual accounts and tax returns as well as looking after payroll services for some of our clients. She is hoping to start her professional exams and training to become a Chartered Accountant in the next year. Sapphira is quickly gaining appreciation from our customers for her willingness to help and approachable and friendly personality.


Stephanie Simmons AT

Associate Accountant

Stephanie Simmons joined Yardley Lo & Associates Limited in April 2012. Originally from Scotland, Stephanie spent time in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong before moving to New Zealand in 2005.

Stephanie has a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting & DipGrad in Accounting from University of Otago and is under-way to taking the next steps in achieving her goal of Chartered Accountancy; working closely with Hayden and Alex should put her well on the way to building the skills needed to complete these final qualifications.

Stephanie came to us highly recommended and has the personal attributes needed for Yardley Lo culture. She possesses enthusiasm for people and business. We are excited to have Stephanie as part of the team and feel she will benefit many customers in the coming years. Currently Stephanie is helping customers with GST returns, processing payroll, preparation of tax returns and financial statements and is looking forward to building strong client relations. 


Nikola Webster

Associate Accountant

Nikola is a graduate of Otago University. She has transferred to Yardley Lo from one of Dunedin's largest accounting firms bringing with her a wealth of experience and knowledge. Nikola is very astute and will very quickly grow the confidence of many clients. 

We see Nikola as an integral part of the future of Yardley Lo and were over the moon when she decided to join our team. Nikola has two young children so is currently working three days a week. Nikola and Hayden have known each other for many years which has helped her fit into the Yardley Lo culture very quickly.


Gill Harbrow


Gill has a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting from Otago University. Gill worked with Brian Hailes for five years and started working for Yardley Lo when Brian merged his business.  She works from home in Middlemarch where lives on a sheep, deer and cattle farm.  Gill has many years accounting experience and prepares annual financial statements and tax returns for many rural clients.  

Caroline Strack

Practice Manager / Tax Administrator

Caroline joined our team in April 2011, after making the move down here from Christchurch. She works on reception and is the friendly face that greets you when you come in. She also looks after the day to day running of the office including accounts and tax administration, marketing and payroll services. Caroline is great at liaising with the IRD so if you have any questions about your IRD statements, tax payments or any questions for the IRD give her a call.


Brooke Ford

Office Administrator

Originally from Auckland, Brooke made the move to Dunedin to study at the University of Otago and joined our team in May 2013. Brooke is the Practice Manager and looks after the day to day running of the office including accounts, tax administration, marketing and payroll services.

Courtney Wilson

Office Administrator

Courtney joined Yardley Lo in April 2013 as an office administrator and a client service role. She is based out the front and will greet all calls into the office. Courtney is full of life and very welcoming, skills she has learnt from the hospitality industry. Courtney is proving very capable of growing her position and role within Yardley Lo. Courtney is currently running our front of office and also assisting the team with a variety of tasks, our challenge is keeping up with her.