Business Growth

Govern your business to new heights of success and achievement

Grow your business with a comprehensive and sustainable business strategy. Our Business Growth services are tailored to meet the demands of progressive and growing SME businesses. We have years of experience working with these businesses and have gained vaulable insights and into why some succeed where others fail.

Invest in your company with Business Growth and receive:

  • All the benefits of business care
  • Added support from an on-call board member
  • A well thought out and easy to follow plan
  • The opinion and viewpoint of a financial and business expert
  • A KPI monitoring system to increase efficiency and output.
  • Critical success factor anaylsis and ongoing business development.
  • Meeting and minutes, control reports, actions and increased accountability


What Business Growth includes:

  • Business Care Services
  • Board type governance
    • Strategic planning and decision making
    • Business plan and direction
    • Monthly and two monthly meetings
    • Cash flow
    • Sound banking relationship

Head for success with Business Growth:

Have the confidence and assurance that an experienced business advisor is part of your governing board and is always present to help you analyse, plan and execute your business' success strategy every step of the way.

Would you like a full time contributing executive team member without paying a full time executive salary? If that sounds like an option to look into contact Hayden.