Key farming issues - Hayden's thoughts

Farm plus = Proactive Farm Management to effectively manage your risk

We are looking to keep our customers informed and upto date with industry information and changes. Being in business today is not easy and we are constantly faced with challenges and risk.

Issue 1 - No time to work on increasing farm performance

  • I was out talking with Dave last night and he was talking about some issues he faced during his years farming. He explained the biggest problem was time. He was so busy farming he lost sight of the bigger agenda at times. The process of planning and strategic decision making was lost due to time constaints of just trying to get the job done. 
  • SOLUTION  Involve a third party advisor and accountant who are responsible for reporting to farm owners. This then makes farm owners feel more accountable and also have the time set aside to look at the bigger picture with the aid and advice from professionals. (Thank you Hayden Yardley)


Issue 2 - My bank & accountant do not talk and also do not understand what I want to achieve with my business.

  • We hear this issue a lot. Farm plus core objective is to have the right information to the right people so the right decisions are made. We want to put farmers in control of their banking relationship and ensure the communication is constant with information flowing freely. We talk with all banks on a regular basis and assist many customers reaching better finance situations, ensuring their banking package is correctly suited to their needs.