Importance of Yardley Lo - helping you the client


I came across this article the other day. For me this confirms what Yardley Lo is all about, helping clients and total control of your business. To do this we need to communicate with you as clients, which is the way we want to work and why we offer fixed price services, so you can talk to us anytime. Regular meetings and appointments are just the way we like to do business. We work within a large amount of industies and offer great advice to customers we have.

Recently I have worked a lot with clients helping them reach better banking positions, assisting with growth and cash flows. This is a specialist area I have focused on over the last year or so as I help people navigate this testing economic environment, I have been achieving some excellent results.


Please take the time to read below the article

Cheers Hayden



A good accountant can be the difference between success and failure for Kiwi businesses in tough times, a new study by the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research (NZIER) shows.

The institute analysed three years' worth of data from business software provider MYOB's regular survey of more than 1000 small and medium enterprises (SMEs). It found fuel prices, competitive activity and margins were the most severe pressures faced during the past three years of economic downturn.

But the study, Lessons from the Recession, also found that those businesses getting good advice from their accountants were in a better position to grow in 2013.

The study indicated that could be a big year for accountants and business advisers as smaller businesses pushed to grow in tight economic times.

MYOB's New Zealand sales manager, Scott Gardiner, said too many SMEs used their accountants to meet their tax requirements only, when they could be using them in a more strategic way to strengthen and grow their businesses.

"Often, owning a small business can be a lonely life. Often, you're doing it all on your own," he said. "Your accountant is another voice, which knows your business. They often have excellent advice and there's not much they haven't seen before."

The NZIER study found that, in today's difficult business environment, businesses looking to improve margins needed to know exactly where their costs were coming from, which is where an accountant could help.

It found one big hurdle facing SMEs was a lack of access to debt. "Over the course of the downturn, access to debt has been of huge benefit to businesses as it opened up productive avenues for investment and can help smooth out seasonal cycles," the study said.

Businesses that engaged in more transparent book-keeping and more effective business systems were able to present clear information to lenders that could make a business a far less risky proposition. This was another area in which a good accountant could be of advantage, the study said.

Gardiner said two keys elements in choosing an accountant were to find one who knew your industry and then to establish a good relationship.

He said the costs of a more-involved relationship with an accountant should be considered in terms of the value brought to a business.