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ACC Cover Plus Extra


Many of you may not be aware that there is more than just one option when it comes to your ACC cover. Some recent changes to ACC have increased the cover options for self-employed and non-PAYE shareholder employees, the changes have affected ACC Cover Plus Extra.


ACC Cover Plus Extra allows you to set your level of cover at an agreed value to suit your own personal circumstances. So you know exactly what you'll receive if you're injured and can't work.The key difference and benefit of Cover Plus Extra over other ACC covers is that if you are injured and have to take time off work you are guaranteed 100% of your agreed cover. There is no need to provide proof of earnings which means that you may receive your compensation quicker.


Is it right for you?

You could consider ACC Cover Plus Extra if:


  • Your income fluctuates from year to year
  • Your personal income is not a true reflection of your actual earnings. For example if you split your income with a partner or spouse, or take advantage of options to reduce your tax.
  • You're starting out in your own business and don't have any income history.
  • Your personal duties are not a reflection of the business activity
  • You want to control your risk


 If you're not eligible for ACC Cover Plus Extra there are still ways to save on your ACC bill.

Work Place Safety Discount for smaller employers. This allows select industries to apply for a 10% discount by demonstrating safe workplace practices.  This process is self driven and relatively simple.


Work Place Safety Management Practices, for larger employers.  This involves a comprehensive implementation of safety management systems across the workplace.  You can achieve discounts of 10%, 15%, or 20%. ACC offers extensive support in preparation for the associated audit for this programme.



Give us a call if you would like to discuss the options available to you for your ACC cover.