Xero Accounting Software

The world's easiest accounting software, business solutions on the go

Xero Cloud accounting software is the future, it's here now and available to our customers.

Xero and other cloud based software are accessed on line via your web browser and not by purchasing expensive software and installing it on individual machines. There is also the added benefit of a monthly subscription rather than upfront cost. Yardley Lo are a major accounting partner of Xero.

Yardley Lo & Associates are a team of young professionals and we want to bring your accounting systems up to date with the modern age, maximising efficiency, reducing cost while making things simpler, faster and a lot more timely.

Xero is the lastest in online business accounting software, we recommend it as a solution to a number of customers, Xero fits perfectly with our vision of "helping clients take control". Xero is a tool to help us do what we do best!



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 Some of the benefits

Cash Flow & Interactive Dashboard
Xero's banking integration hands down improves your cash flow visibility of your finances. Your information is accurate and up to date, and uploaded directly from your bank, saving time and effort. The interactive Xero dashboard allows you to quickly guage whats going on in your business.

Financial reporting
You are in control and Xero is the future of accounting and financial reporting. With full profit and loss, balance sheet and the added benefit of cash flow reporting Xero is miles ahead of the competition.

Web based
The system is entirely web based and is available for a monthly subscription rather than a large initail cash outlay. The fact that it is web based means as advisors we can access the information needed from wherever we are, making our information gathering easier and faster. Xero will strengthen your relationship with us by increasing the communitcation pathways between your finances and us.

Direct Bank feeds and reconciliations
Your bank transactions feed directly into the software daily so when you log on all you have to do is tell the system which transactions belong in which account. The system also has an auto match function to reconcile payments with invoices.



Yardley Lo accounting solutions offered in conjunction with Xero accounting software has allowed us to increase the visibility to our clients of their financial position and business performance

Understanding and taking control of your business' finance is a fundamental element of growth and return, while also giving you the knowledge needed to access future development opportunities.

We can have you up and running within days of giving us the go ahead with your Xero subscription. All the training and support you will need is right here at Yardley Lo. We are also one of Otagos leading suppliers of Xero.