What is Governance and will it add value to my business

Sustainability + Accountability + Information + Structure = Better Business

In this current economic climate the need for smart and well considered business decisions is even more important. At Yardley Lo we have developed our Business Governance service, a system thats helps business owners or directors to make consistent, smart and sustainable business decisions. Governance allows us to link these decisions to your business objectives and goals.

Our governance services are designed to supply the right information to the right people to make the right decision. Our governance framework we work to consistently raises business issues and asks questions of the decision makers. Clients feel more accountable to improve their business performance and consistently work on not in there business. Underlying this process and framework is our Succession and Transition Planning services.

Our clients enjoy the process of working with our governance services and the benefits of having a specialised professional on hand who understands their business. We are here to bounce ideas and strategies off and supply the added value of having a business partner who does not own the business.

Our governance services fits directly with the Yardley Lo core values of open communication, education and control across every aspect of our your business.

Do you need governance in your business?

Please ask yourself these questions

  1. I would like to be more accountable for the decisions I make?
  2. I would like a more thought out and formal decision making process?
  3. I would like to have a professional who understands my business?
  4. I would like to have an accountant who can add value to me by supplying information and explaining the risks I are currently facing in my business
  5. I would you like to have a business partner to share strategy and ideas with on a regular basis?


If you answered yes to any questions then the Yardley Lo Business Governance service is right for you.

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