I.T. Solutions & Mobile Computing

Four words - Simple, fast, effective and realiable

Yardley Lo have experienced staff on hand to help provide expert advice on all IT solutions:

  • purchasing the right hardware to meet your requirements
  • software which is tailored to your needs
  • training on how to operate your IT system
  • securing your data from outside threats
  • setting up electronic filing systems
  • internet and email setup
  • backup procedures
  • network systems
  • sharing information in electronic form

In order to dramatically increase your PC's life span and reduce or prevent data loss caused by software deterioration we suggest our IT maintenance plan.

Maintenance services include:

  • hard drive maintenance
  • virus & malware scanning
  • system updates
  • software updates
  • driver updates
  • hardware upgrades
  • PC performance testing

We also have a Remote help Desk Support option, where our IT experts can assist you with your computer issues in realtime from the desk of their office without disrupting your work environment. 

Is it time to upgrade your IT systems?
  • are your programs unresponsive or slow?
  • do you have the right virus protection software?
  • if so, is it regularly updated?
  • are you receiving spam emails?
  • Do you get frequent error message programs?
  • are you backing up your important information regularly?
  • Is your PC or system regularly maintained?

Talk to our IT experts about your options. We can help you ensure that any important data is not lost during or after the upgrade.

Mobile computing

Have you found that mobile computing and communication is becoming increasingly more important? If so, our IT Solutions team can guide you through the process of becoming mobile. They will also help you find the devises and direction best suited to your companies needs.

Accounting Software

The right software can take a big chunk out of your administrative time and secure your data through worry free automated processes.

  • is the accounting software you currently use the best solution for your business?
  • are you getting the most from your accounting package?
  • is there an easier and cost effective alternative?


If you have any questions or want to know more please contact us.