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The best team for all your Accounting needs.

Today's businesses expect more than just a "number pusher" from their accountant.

At Yardley/Lo we are progressive forward thinkers, we focus on forming quality relationships and providing valuable accounting and advisory services to our clients.

We achieve this through gathering reliable financial information, reporting & analysing the data and turning it into a powerful tool to drive your business forward and unlock its potential.

We play on your team, and our position is the financially minded member who provides innovative solutions, enabling you to make informed decisions.

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Our Team

Run your accounts past our farming pros

Hayden Yardley
Hayden brings creativity and passion to the Yardley/Lo partnership and has a deep desire for his clients to be as successful as possible. He enjoys building personal, trusting relationships and acts in a business support role. He will look at your business from a holistic level and challenge the way…
Hayden Yardley - Managing Director
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Alex Lo
Alex has a long history with the firm having joined it’s predecessor Kelly & Co. as a graduate accountant in 1999 and quickly gaining his Chartered Accountancy soon after. He carries through a wealth of intrinsic business knowledge, an excellent memory and a wealth of experience working with sma…
Alex Lo - Director
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Rose Johnston
Rose  joined the Yardley Lo team in August 2018, with more than 20 years experience in mainly rural practices across Otago & Southland, predominantly in practice management roles. Rose and her husband own a sheep & beef farm in West Otago, and being hands on herself in the farming business…
Rose Johnston - Associate
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Neil MacDonald
Neil has been with the Yardley/Lo team since 2006 and boasts 40+ years of business experience. Neil has worked extensively with property owners, real estate agents and real estate companies making him an expert in this field. Neil’s client base is a list of high profile customers and he enjoys work…
Neil MacDonald - Consultant
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Nikola Webster
Nikola has spent her career working with small to medium size businesses and understands that for most, their business is more than just a 9 to 5 – it’s their livelihood. Being a small business owner with her builder husband, she knows the importance of staying on top of rules and regulations, and b…
Nikola Webster - Accountant
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Gillian Harbrow
Gill is one of our farm accounting specialists, and her experience doesn’t just come from doing farm books. For nearly a decade, Gill and her husband have run a 4,000 stock farm in Middlemarch, prior to that they farmed in Herriot for 15 years. Gill joined the Yardley/Lo team in 2013 bringing with…
Gillian Harbrow - Accountant
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Huey Jen Yap
Jen is a numbers lover. She relishes in a complicated challenge and loves the satisfaction of solving the problem and making the numbers balance. For Jen, it’s important that she helps her clients understand the numbers and will work to tailor make processes that fit her clients businesses and their…
Huey Jen Yap - Accountant
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Jo Le Masurier
Jo Le Masurier - Accountant
Bei Yu
Bei Yu - Accountant
Lisa Hughes
Lisa Hughes - Payroll and Tax Administrator
Kirsty Sutherland
Kirsty Sutherland - Administrator